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Hostapaloooza Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested to sponsor a Hostapaloooza event?  Awesome, you have come to the right place.

By sponsoring a Hostapaloooza event, you will have access to mid-market web hosters & service providers that are looking to grow their business by activating new customers.  This platform will provide you with opportunities to grow your SPLA business, educate the audience on your offerings, and onboard new SPLA partners.

If you qualify, your Hostapaloooza sponsorship provides your organization the presentation podium for 30 minutes and as much one-on-one networking as you can squeeze in throughout the day.  A typical event has roughly 30 local service providers in the room.  Your brand will be inserted into our various marketing communications and promotions.  Be sure to view our Tour Cities page for logistical information pertaining to each venue—we will update the site as soon as we secure city by city event information.

To learn more about 2012 sponsorship opportunities, costs, benefits and requirements, please contact us

Thank you to our valued sponsors!